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Industry Profiles: Fire Department Coffee (FDC)

Episode Summary

Coffee, comedy and fire protection.  What could be a better range of topics in a 45 minute podcast? In Episode 27, Jason Patton, Vice President at Fire Department Coffee, sits down with Drew to discuss how their influence has helped give back to the fire fighting community.  Not only is the coffee very high quality but their give-back for mental health awareness for firefighters and EMT's is amazing. FDC Coffee is a veteran and firefighter owned company that gives 10% net proceeds back to mental health awareness for first responders.  Jason also started a comedic video series called Fire Department Chronicles which gives a take on a variety of topics from fire safety to life at a firehouse. To date it's one of the most fun times I have had interviewing someone in the firefighting / fire protection world.  Get ready to laugh and enjoy.

Episode Notes


Intro - 3:00

Cause Marketing - 5:00

Coffee Connoisseur - 7:30

Coffee Blending - 10:30

Coffee Grinding - 12:10

Fire Department Chronicles - 13:55

Friends of Firefighters - 15:30

Comedy & 1st Responders - 17:35

Hollywood & Firefighting - 18:30

Banyan Treatment Centers - 24:15

Comedy CPR - 25:45

Social Media / Comedy - 31:00

Coffee Blends - 33:00

Quick Response Round - 35:00

Best TV show about fire fighting - 40:00

Where can we find you? - 42:20


Discussed in the episode:

Instagram - @firedepartmentchronicles

Facebook - Fire Department Chronicles

YouTube - Fire Dept. Coffee